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Hollow Earth Expedition

What lurks below the surface world?
For players of the Hollow Earth Expedition game. Discuss the game, share stories from play sessions, and ask rules questions about Hollow Earth Expedition.
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by Woodlenks788
54 minutes ago
For game masters running adventures in the Hollow Earth (and on the surface). Post adventures, discuss your diabolical plans outside the earshot of nosy adventurers, and share your mad science creations.
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by fbarraza28
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Fiction, non-fiction, and play-by-posts.
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by bkd54e
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Ubiquity Role-playing System

Role-play with style!
For game designers, tinkerers, and curious players. Discuss the generic Ubiquity system, ask rules questions, and consult with others.
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by 2iag63c
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For world-builders and intrepid explorers. Discuss Ubiquity-powered games and game worlds.
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Last Post: Ubiquity podcast?
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Exile Game Studio

Creators of the Hollow Earth Expedition role-playing game and the Ubiquity role-playing system.
Announcements, press releases, and other information direct from Exile Game Studio.
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by Woodlenks788
1 week 5 days ago
Discussion of general games and gaming-related topics.
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3 minutes ago
Convention games and demo announcements, plus posts looking for local games and gamers.
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2 days 9 hours ago
Questions about Exile Game Studio, problems with orders, or other requests.
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