Free Downloads

Free HEX Character Sheet

A fill-in field character sheet for Hollow Earth Expedition.


Free HEX Sample Characters

The twelve sample characters from the Hollow Earth Expedition core rulebook.


Free Free RPG Day Adventure 2008

Stranded in a mysterious locale and under attack from prehistoric monsters, a group of explorers start out as lost travelers and end up as heroic saviors to village natives under attack by villainous Nazis.

Free Free RPG Day Adventure 2009

A group of explorers embarks on a journey aboard an experimental drilling machine only to find themselves stranded in a mysterious land and under attack from strange creatures. Worse still, their rescue mission goes awry when they discover that an expeditionary force of Nazis has already invaded the area.


Free Free RPG Day Adventure 2010

A scientist’s invention goes haywire at New York’s Museum of Natural History, threatening to destroy the city. The heroes must battle monsters from Earth’s prehistoric past, defeat nefarious Nazi agents, and close a rip in the fabric of space itself in order to save the Big Apple.