Revelations of Mars Kickstarter Funded!

The Revelations of Mars Kickstarter is funded (and then some). Wow, what a ride! The G-forces still have me plastered to my seat. We not only funded the book, but unlocked style chips, deluxe dice, PDF Mars terrain set, new GM screen, and two PDF adventures. Plus, we joined forces with our Space: 1889 friends and will be giving joint backers two exclusive adventures. That's a lot of great stuff!

I cannot thank you enough for putting your faith and hard-earned money behind this project. And I can't wait to deliver all the cool stuff you pledged for. As crazy-awesome as this Kickstarter has been, my work is really just beginning. And there is a lot to do, thanks to you! Rest assured that I'll keep you updated on our progress, but if you ever have a question, just ask.

The immediate next step will be funding the project, so be on the lookout for emails from Kickstarter about that.

I'll follow up those emails with surveys to gather more information about all the add-ons and extra stuff you wanted. Plus, I'll be rolling out a pledge management system that should make it much easier to keep track of everything. So stay tuned for more on that later.

For now, please accept my deepest and heartfelt thanks for your generous support and for joining me on this mission to Mars. I consider myself extremely lucky that I get to make this journey and I simply couldn't have done it without you.

Thank you!

Jeff Combos