Exile Game Studio at Gen Con 2015

Exile has a lot of things going on at Gen Con this year, but don't worry, everything you need to know to track us down (or find the nearest entrance to the Hollow Earth) is listed below.

The big news this year is the release of Revelations of Mars, our much-anticipated sword-and-planet sourcebook for Hollow Earth Expedition. We will have hardcover copies for sale at our booth in addition to limited edition extras, such as Mars-themed Style chips and Ubiquity dice. These extras won't be sold in stores and are limited to what we have left over from our Kickstarter, so you'd better get then quick if you want them.

(Note: If you are a Kickstarter backer who elected to pick up your rewards at the convention, we'll have them set aside for you, so no need to rush. We've got you covered.)

Whenever you're ready to come see us, Exile Game Studio's booth is on the inside corner of #2106, right across the isle from #1935. (Click the image below for our exact location).


In addition to our new sourcebook, we're also running a host of fun events this year, including over 40 official games. Of particular note is our second annual Den of Ubiquity, scheduled for Friday night, 7/31. The Den is a collection of different games that all take place in the same room and is a great way to have fun and get to know the system.

We're also going to be running our first ever Ubiquity Grand Tournament at Gen Con as well, with a dinosaur-skull trophy going to the winner. It looks amazing!

As if that wasn't enough, Exile Game Studio is also a co-sponsor of the Orc Stomp 5K this year, and is inviting runners to "Race the Raptors." We will be running the race dressed as dinosaurs and anyone who finishes before us gets a badge ribbon and bragging rights for the rest of the convention. It's silly, but should be a lot of fun!

OK, that's everything we have planned for Gen Con this year. It's a lot, but we're excited to make it all happen.

See you in Indianapolis!