Gen Con 2015 Wrap-Up

exile gencon 2015Gen Con is over and the numbers are in. The convention had record attendance this year, which helped make for an exciting year for Exile. Here are some highlights:

Sales Numbers

Convention sales were up 36% over last year, thanks mostly to the release of Revelations of Mars. Our new sourcebook dominated the first two days of the convention, but our most popular products at the end of the weekend were the HEX core rulebook and Ubiquity dice as a host of new players picked up the game. Good news for the long-term outlook of Hollow Earth Expedition!

Race the Raptors

On Friday morning Jeff, Sechin, and Melissa donned their dinosaur costumes and challenged their fellow Orc Stomp runners to "Race the Raptors." Several people took pictures with them before, after, and even during the race, and the general consensus is that they would like to Raptors to return again next year. Who are we to say no?

Den of Ubiquity

For the second year in a row we gathered GMs and players into one place to run a cornucopia of Ubiquity games, including a highly-praised supers game and an early playtest of Ubiquity 2.0 rules. With most tables completely full, we're sure to do it again next year.

Ubiquity Tournament

We also ran the first-ever Ubiquity Tournament this year, where players voted on the best role player in each session. The competition was fierce, but in the end, Rebecca Winters walked away with the trophy and bragging rights for the year.

Gen Con GM of the Year

Speaking of competition, we tallied the comment cards collected from nearly forty games and for the second year in a row, Keith Scherer walked away with the title of Gen Con GM of the Year. Well done!

Business Meetings

As if that was not enough, Jeff met with several different people about some exciting future projects. Some of those meetings won't bear fruit for a while, but they all went well, and we'll tell you more about them as soon as we are able.