Gen Con 2016 Wrap-Up

exile den 2016The Best Four Days in Gaming have come and gone once more, and Exile Game Studio was there to celebrate Hollow Earth Expedition's 10th Anniversary. It was a big year, with lots of fun things going on, but here are some highlights:

Sales Numbers

Convention sales were down a bit from last year, which is not surprising given the strong response we had to Revelations of Mars last year. This time around we had several new offerings, including our brand new Mars-themed Game Master screen, two new sets of Style chips, and "exploding" Ubiquity dice. Also, for the first time, we had an entire rack dedicated to licensed games using the Ubiquity role-playing system, including DesolationAll for OneLeagues of AdventureQuantum Black, and Roan. (Unfortunately, copies of the Ubiquity-powered Space: 1889 got held up in customs, so we didn't have those on hand.) 

Overall, we saw respectable sales across the board, but once more, our best seller was the Hollow Earth Expedition core rulebook, which is really saying something ten years after it's original release.

Kickstarter Rewards

The Kickstarter for our next book, Perils of Mars, funded five times over (a new record for us), and while the book is not done yet, we arranged for backers to pick up some of their rewards at the convention. Getting to meet them and thank them in person was great!

Race the Raptors

Exile sponsored the Orc Stomp again this year, so on Friday morning, we donned our dinosaur costumes once more and challenged people to race us to the finish line. This time we had the fastest raptor carry a gold flag and the slowest one carry a green one so that people could see where we were and have two ways to win. As long as a runner beat at least one of us, they got a green ribbon, but if they outpaced us all, they got a gold one. We gave out a roughly equal number of both ribbons, so overall we think it worked out pretty well.

Den of Ubiquity

ubiquity winner 2016For the third year in a row, we gathered our Game Masters and players together into one room on Friday night and ran dizzying array of Ubiquity-powered games, including sessions of Quantum Black run by the creators, a Danger 5-themed game, and League of Extraordinary Pulp featuring a high-powered, all-star cast of characters. As with last year, nearly every table was full, so we're sure to do the Den of Ubiquity again next year--just be sure to get your tickets early if you're going to be there!

Ubiquity Tournament

Since it went so well, we ran the Ubiquity Tournament again this year. Players voted on the best role-player in each session, and this time Ryan Lybarger came out on top. Congratulations, Ryan!

Gen Con GM of the Year

Competition was fierce as a couple of our previous winners went head to head with the current title holder to prevent him from taking home the honor for the third year in a row. Trash was talked and lots of happy players were entertained, but in the end, Shawn Hilton was awarded our Gen Con GM of the Year. Well done, Shawn!